Success Story

Usharmukti Project under MGNREGA

Usharmukti Project under MGNREGA is being implemented in the Purulia District to increase water retention capacity of the soil and moisture content.

Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing

Grey Revolution in West Bengal

The journey towards a revolution started back in 2015 with the commissioning of first Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing unit in the state at Kenjakura GP under Bankura-I Block of Bankura District under Mahatma Gandhi National [….]

Divergent thinking

Road Ahead under MGNREGA in 2018-19

What we propose to do in 2018-19 Realising a million dreams: 10 lakh IBS for women, in the livelihood  sector (mostly SHG members, others from extremely vulnerable households) Implementation of water- shed based activities under [….]