Road Ahead under MGNREGA in 2018-19

What we propose to do in 2018-19

  1. Realising a million dreams: 10 lakh IBS for women, in the livelihood  sector (mostly SHG members, others from extremely vulnerable households)
  2. Implementation of water- shed based activities under ‘Ushar Mukti’ in 55 blocks of 6 districts in the western part.
  3. Implementation of ‘Jharnadhara’ for Springshed development in the hills
  4. Providing wage support to half a million PMAY (G) recipients
  5. Thematic plantation in saturation mode
  6. Bringing further diversification in plantation portfolio, including hydroponics/ acquaponics/ industrial plantation/ Miyawaki forest etc.
  7. Bringing additional elements in the building materials category (magic binder as cement substitute, sisal fabric as wood substitute).