Request to the PIAs and the Programme Officers, MGNREGA, West Bengal

I know that all the field functionaries are now awfully busy with the Panchayats General Elections. It is hectic in the field and since you all have very little time in preparations, it is all the more difficult to manage time. Even then, implementation of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA is continuing in the field. Works which are in the approved Annual Action Plan and works for which no tender formalities are required at this stage, are continuing. Earth work, especially pit digging for plantation, is ideal for this time of the year. Also two specific areas where much effort is not required to provide work to the wage seekers are maintenance of planted saplings in roadside or block plantations for which ‘Briksha Pattas’ have already been issued and support to the housing beneficiaries. These are more or less automatic so far as payment of wages is concerned (obviously after observing necessary checks).

Data in the MIS portal shows that work is provided to the households and person-days are generated. I am not apprehensive about that. My specific concern here is about generation of wage FTOs on time. Please ensure that wherever work has been assigned and undertaken, the muster rolls are closed on time and FTOs generated within 7 days from the date of closure of the musters. Right at this moment we are a little less than 88 percent in terms of timely generation of muster rolls. We cannot allow any slip here. If work is assigned and musters are generated, those must be closed and FTOs generated on time. Please ensure that.